Theme parties are the best homemade fun there is! They serve to reinforce social bonds and provide a most welcome break from the routine. Theme parties are an opportunity to introduce residents to fun new activities, crafts, foods, and cultures.
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Everybody likes to have fun and relax among friends. Parties are the ideal way to celebrate special dates throughout the year and commemorate birthdays.

In long-term residential care, the planning and realization of parties is the responsibility of Activity Directors and Coordinators. How fortunate then, that you are resourceful and creative people, well accustomed to working within budget constraints!

What makes a GREAT party?

A theme! Theme parties are the best ‘homemade’ fun there is! They serve to reinforce social bonds and provide a most welcome break from the routine.

Conventional parties and gatherings differ from Theme Parties in that the latter inspire people to explore the childish, immature side of their personalities. Having fun at a theme party means letting go of your serious and judgmental self and finding your inner silly self for the party’s duration!

Theme Parties are Easier to Plan

Theme parties are also easier to plan than regular parties because the themes themselves provide a framework from which to draw your inspiration. Theme parties are an opportunity to introduce residents to fun new activities, crafts, foods, and cultures.

Enthusiasm + Preparation

The most important element of a themed party is enthusiasm! Activity Coordinators should provide staff with the resources and tools they need to be creative and inspiring.

If the audience is happy and enthusiastic, they will laugh at and enjoy silly jokes ‘gone-wrong’, magic tricks, funny stories, weird dances, and more.

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Themed parties are remembered for the exciting atmosphere, special guests, games, competitions, lucky door prizes, food, and above all, the fun and enjoyment!

Plan a memorable Themed Party at your facility! The sky is the limit.

Theme Party Ideas:

Circus Theme Party

1950s Nostalgia Party

How To Host A Country & Western Themed Party

How To Host A High Tea Party

How To Host A Hawaiian Luau Party

How To Host A Show Day

Lucille Ball Look-Alike Competition

How To Celebrate Elvis Presley's Birthday

Celebrating Grandparents Day

Spring Party

Multicultural Market Day!

Mexican Fiesta

More Party Themes to Try:

  • The Roaring Twenties
  • The Hippies 1960s
  • The Beatles
  • Cowboys and Indians
  • Pyjama Party
  • Masquerade Ball
  • English Pub Bash
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  • Opera
  • Agatha Christie
  • Motorcycle Club Visit
  • Orchid Display
  • ABBA
  • Media & Technology
  • Christmas in July
  • Mad Hatters Tea Party
  • Arabian Nights
  • Old Hollywood Glamour
  • Book Club
  • Karoke
  • Winter Wonderland
  • When in Rome...
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  • Beach
  • Football
  • Cupcake Day

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Solange 13th Jul 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sharon, here is a link with a beach theme for a little reminiscing. You could also make some DIY Popsicles, and lemonade, flowers crowns for the participants and offer fruit punch, fruit Kabobs, and deviled eggs sailboats.

Decorate the facility with coloured pineapples, shells, and straw hats.
Sharon batten 13th Jul 2018
Hi I'm hosting a beach day for elderly with dementia I'm looking for idea's to go with it
Anglicare - Karen 24th Oct 2016 Lifestyle Lead
We are hosting a "Spring Picnic" on Thursday. Our disability group is going to help set up and there will be decorations and outdoor games. You're definitely right, it is easier to organise something with a theme. Will let everyone know how it goes.

Danielle, Lifestyle Assistant
Talita 31st Oct 2016
Oh yes please do let us know how it goes Danielle!
Karen 3rd May 2017 Lifestyle Lead
I forgot to update you on our picnic last year! We had a lot of fun just chatting and having lunch together unfortunately it was a bit hot for our outdoor games I had planned so this year I'm planning another one a little earlier on in Spring.
Talita 8th May 2017
Thank you for the update! So lovely to hear that it went well overall despite the weather.
No Avatar