Christmas Pantomime - Aladdin & the Magic Lamp

Christmas Pantomime - Aladdin & the Magic Lamp

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"Aladdin & The Magic Lamp" is a two act panto to entertain your clients and guests at Christmas. It runs for approximately 30 to 40 minutes depending on the cast. Ask actors to speak in loud and clear voices; if possible use a microphone.

The story is nonsensical because this is the nature of pantomimes.
You may use it in its entirety or fill it in with your own nonsensical reveries.
Make sure you invite children of all ages. Merry Christmas!


Pantomime by Solange Kindermann and based on the story of Aladdin

Age Group:

Adults and children


8 Adults:

Aladdin's Mother
Ebenezer – The Magician
Sultan Saheed
Princess Soraya

6+ Children:

Aladdin's Gang - six or more school children to make up Aladdin's 'gang'
Gang of Robbers - six or more school children armed with paper swords


30 to 40 minutes without interval.


Humorous Pantomime / Fairy Tale Play


Hava Nagila

Whenever, Wherever (Shakira)

One Way Ticket to the Moon (Eruption)


Think of 1001 NIghts, MIddle Eastern/Egypt, Persia. Be creative! Ask your clients for their creative advice.


Ask actors to speak in loud and clear voices; if possible use a microphone. Don't Rush!


Don't stress over the setting; if the story flows the audience will pay attention. Use your imagination with the decor, anything Middle Eastern or Egyptian/Persian.

The stage should be divided into four corners so that the story can move from corner to corner. There should also be some hanging sheets or strategically placed pieces of furniture so that people can 'appear' and 'disappear'.

The cave can be a large cardboard box painted grey and permanently set in one corner of the stage.The cave's entrance should be a round piece of cardboard that can slide in and out. You may take the 'cave' off the stage in the second act if practical.

The Genie should be outrageously dressed and rather petulant. She/he doesn't really have to know how to belly dance, so long as they move to the rhythm of the music. The Genie may invite children to the stage to belly dance with her/him.

Narrator or MC

Find an enthusiastic narrator that is able to encourage the audience to interact with the play by applauding, booing, and singing.

Print the lyrics of the songs and distribute to audience.

Christmas Carols books from Golden Carers are now available or print your own.

First Act


Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and boys and girls. Welcome to our annual Christmas Pantomime. A tale of the Arabian Nights that will take you to the Sahara Desert, Arabia, Egypt, and Persia...

Once upon a time in Persia, there lived a poor boy called Aladdin. He was a larrikin and roamed the streets doing what he shouldn't!! He belonged to a gang of boys just like him: Good for nothing!

Let's give them a round of applause, ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls! Just look at them! They have tricked a restaurant owner into donating 200 dumplings "for a good cause" and here they are eating them!!

As the narrator announces them, Aladdin and 6 'friends' enter the stage eating doughnuts and then Aladdin and his friends break into a song and dance performance to the tune of 'Hava Nagila'.

Children leave the stage after the song and the narrator continues.


And so the story goes. One day a distinguished 'merchant' from Arabia knocked on the door of Aladdin's house. He wanted to talk to Aladdin's mother…
What they don't know but we know is that the 'merchant' is no merchant… He is an evil magician looking for a slave… He has heard through the grapevine that Aladdin is a juvenile delinquent who doesn't listen to his mother…

Ebenezer, Aladdin and his mother walk in


Greetings from Allah good woman! I am Ebenezer, your late husband's brother. I come all the way from Persia. I heard I have a nephew and I would like him to come with me in my travels. He will be handsomely rewarded.


Yes, it is about time he starts earning some money.

She hits Aladdin over the head


But mother, father didn't have a brother!


Nonsense! We just had a falling out; after all he stole the neighbour's canary dressed in my Pinocchio's costume and I got blamed for it!


Go and pack your bag Aladdin!

She leaves the stage


Hurry up you brat!

Ebenezer and Aladdin remain on stage pretending to pack while the narrator continues with the story


And so Aladdin packs his things and follows the 'merchant'. Poor Aladdin! Should we tell him the merchant is really an evil magician? Yes or No? Better not, Aladdin needs to learn a lesson.

Days go by and Aladdin finds Ebenezer very peculiar: On Monday he wore purple socks, on Tuesday he ate microwaved ice cream, and on Wednesday he disappeared altogether only to be seen again late at night. One day Ebenezer takes Aladdin to the Sahara desert…

Ebenezer and Aladdin walk to another corner of the stage


What are we doing here? There is only sand and rocks here!

Ebenezer grabs a large wand and theatrically waves it up and down; then he pulls some magic powder from his pocket and throws it on the ground and says...



A small cave entrance slides opens with some dramatic music


There, you ragamuffin, jump in! Inside this cave there is more gold and jewels than you have ever seen in your life. Take as much as you want; fill your pockets. All I want is an old oil lamp.


But it is too dark!


Of course it is too dark you moron! If it had lights it would be a house not a cave! Don't worry; when you're ready I will pull you out.

Aladdin enters the cave; his eyes open wide in amazement at the sight of gold and jewels everywhere. He muses to to himself…


'Ebenezer is not my uncle.. '
(Audience should respond with: Noo!)

'He is a powerful magician!'
(Audience should respond with: Yeess!)'


Ebenezer is not my uncle, he is a powerful magician. I wonder why he wants this old, filthy lamp? I shall find out sooner or later, right now I am going to fill my pockets with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and amethysts…

Aladdin walks around the cave and fills his pockets with gold and puts jewels down his shirt.


Hey fake uncle! I am ready, pull me out!


Give me the lamp and I will pull you out.


What? No… first pull me out!

This angers Ebenezer. With a loud cry, he takes some magic dust (talcum powder) from his pocket, throws it on the ground and closes the cave's door leaving Aladdin locked up.


Oh Heavens! What shall become of me now? My poor mother will never see the riches I have in my pockets… and what did Ebenezer want with this old, filthy lamp?

He starts cleaning the lamp with his shirt and suddenly there is music in the room and a genie appears. She walks to Aladdin and gives him a peck on each cheek.


My master, my hero! I am the genie of the lamp! At last, you have rescued me. I have been inside this bottle for 4000 years!! While inside this miserable bottle I was bored to tears! I spent most my time concocting lotions and potions to maintain my beauty – BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT! – Allow me to celebrate my freedom.

The Genie starts a belly dancing routine, and the audience clap to the tune of 'Whenever, Wherever.' Genie may call children to dance.

After the dance the Genie says...


Master, your wish is my command!


Can I have a palace?

In the next instant he is in his palace hugging his mother.


Mother! You will never believe what happened to me! But first I must introduce you to someone. This is the Genie who saved me from certain death. My suspicions were right mother; Ebenezer is not my uncle but a dangerous sorcerer.

The Genie greets Aladdin's mother with a kiss on each cheek and then looks at her from head to toe and from toe to head with an appalled and disapproving look.


Hi mother!!! Wow! I have never met someone with such a poor sense of style! I am going to make it my business to teach you how to dress my dear!


And so ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls, from that day forward, Aladdin was a gentleman. He had a palace and enough riches to last a thousand years. The only thing missing in his life was a bride!

All three leave the stage.

End of Act One

Interval if applicable

Second Act

The Sultan should be lavishly dressed. He should be seated upon on a throne (beanbag) on stage. He is holding his head with both hands and is moaning and crying over his lost fortune.

Sultan Saheed:

I am Sultan Saheed of Persia, and I am ruined!! My kingdom is in deep financial trouble; all the gold and riches are gone. I have travelled to the four corners of the world begging the banks to save my kingdom. I was in India, Abu Dhabi, * Wagga Wagga, * Uluru, * Orlando, *Sheffield etc… etc… etc… But to no avail, I failed miserably!

* Replace cities above with local towns from your country

Sultan Saheed:

I have no alternative but to marry my only, beautiful daughter Princess Soraya to the richest prince available. Let the realm know that all millionaire suitors will be considered!

A Chief Guard goes to one corner of the stage, opens a scroll and reads aloud.

The scroll should read:
Let it be known that Sultan Saheed of the Kingdom of Persia is looking for suitors for his daughter Princess Soraya. All Rich Princes shall be considered, APPLY NOW!

Princess Soraya enters the stage.

Sultan Saheed:

Daughter, I am glad to see you. It is time for you to get married. I am searching for suitors!

Princess Soraya:

What? An arranged marriage!! No way! I want to marry for love and I have already met the love of my life!

Sultan Saheed:

Nonsense! Nonsense! Remember, love is overrated! Here is a list of candidates for you to choose from; I will read them out to you:

Slowly he picks up a card with a large picture of Justin Bieber; he shows the audience and shouts; Prince Justin Bieber! (And so on with the others)

Sultan Saheed:

  • Prince Justin Bieber!
  • Prince of Bel Air!
  • Prince Harry of Wales!

Princess Soraya:

I am sorry father, I have already met the man I will marry last month at the market. His name is Aladdin and it was love at second sight; the first time I couldn't stand him!! He is coming with his mother to see you today.

There is a knock at the door.

The Sultan, Aladdin, his mother and the Princess meet on stage. Aladdin's mother is regally dressed!

Sultan Saheed:

Young man, you have a lot of competition! To marry Princess Soraya you have to first prove that you deserve her…

Princess Soraya:

Enough with the soap opera father! What you really want to say is that he can marry me so long he can lend you enough money to save the kingdom.


And so Aladdin gave the Sultan the money he needed and married the Princess. Time passed and they were supposed to live happily ever after!

Well, not so fast. News of Aladdin's sudden wealth spread like wildfire, until… one day, a strange beggar knocked on the palace door.

Ebenezer enters the stage and knocks on a 'door' - a maid opens it.


Greetings from Allah fair maid! I am exchanging old lamps for new ones. Do you have any?


As a matter of fact my Master has this most dreadfully old and unattractive Egyptian lamp. I might win some brownie points if I get him a new one! Wait here while I get it.

Ebenezer looks at the audience, provoking them.


Ha Ha Ha… I am going to send Aladdin to the ends of the Earth, take over his palace and marry his widow! He He He…

The door opens again; it is Aladdin pulling the Maid by the ear with one hand and holding the lamp in the other.


So 'Uncle' you are back! Too bad for you!

Aladdin rubs the lamp and the Genie appears


Genie, I wish for Ebenezer to disappear. Send him on a one-way ticket to the moon! He can never harm anyone again!

Ebenezer promptly disappears and peace is restored the kingdom.

All 'actors' come back to the stage and sing and dance to the tune of "One Way Ticket to the Moon".


And so ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls, we get to the end of our story. Aladdin and Princess Soraya will live happily ever after.

Aladdin sets the Genie free and she marries the Head Cook and has sixteen children!

Let's now be merry and sing some Christmas carols!

Merry Christmas everybody!!

End of Act Two

Swords for Aladdin's Gang

Aladdin’s gang should have plastic knives and swords; here is a simple cardboard sword you can make.

  • Download the sword template
  • Enlarge to desired size
  • Trace sword on cardboard and cut out
  • Paint the color you wish
  • Wait to dry

Files included:

Download Image

Aladdin Pantomime Suitors

Download Image

Aladdin Pantomime Song Lyrics

Download Image

Aladdin Pantomime Scroll

Download Image

Aladdin Pantomime Sword

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Talita 29th Nov 2017
This is wonderful to hear Ros, thanks so much for your feedback!
Ros 29th Nov 2017 Diversional Therapist
We have just presented Aladdin to our residents and family, what fun! I would recommend this as an excellent activity to facilitate interaction on another level between staff and residents, boost self esteem and have a really great time.
Ros 21st Jul 2017 Diversional Therapist
This is just what I've been looking for, thanks so much. Have been wanting to put on something different at Christmas for our residents.
Claire 17th Dec 2015 Recreation Therapist
We performed this pantomime yesterday for our residents and relatives Christmas party, we didn't have to spend a lot of money on props, we used old sheets from the facility and old hospital cover ups and towels for turbans which we decorated with a little Christmas bling, we had a few staff members involved and for the belly dance we had hula hoops and grass skirts and pulled 5 relatives from the audience, everyone laughed, we all forgot our words and improvised but it was a great show and the residents loved it. Thanks for this great idea.
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