The theme for this reminiscing session is: The Beach. 
18 sample questions are provided.

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Dianne 25th Jan 2016 Recreation Program Assistant
I work at dementia specific activity I like to do every summer that gets everyone involved in is....find how many things you would find at the BEACH starting with "s" ......think we found over 100 last year about to try this activity again next week to see if we can break that record ! It is also fun to talk about the answers ...reminiscing .
Dianne ...Ballarat
kay 15th Dec 2015
Great site and good for thinking back to the days when we were young very good for the brain to keep it working
Jodie 13th May 2015 Residential Care
I absolutely love this sight. I check my emails everyday hoping to see one from here.............. The information and activities are the best, I use them all the time :):):):):)
Faith 12th Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist / Lifestyle Assistant
I have just joined today, and I am so looking forward to learning new & exciting things I can do with my residents I have only just finished my studies and after completing my placement / working casual for 4 months I was offered a job at a sister facility and official start as the main person Mon to Wed tomorrow so I am loving getting some ideas Thanks everyone!!
Ann 7th Sep 2014 recreation
I have just found this site, what great ideas you all have .
Josephine our residents are going to love your idea i thought about bringing some shells and sand in and maybe a colourful beach unbrella not opened of cause.
Sadhna 12th Jul 2014 recreation therapist
It is a good idea i will certainly have a session on beach reminising,
Your web gives me great ideas each month! Keep up the good work.

Many thanks Sadhna
tina 7th May 2014 recreation therapist
Tina 7th May
Thank you for this great activity. I will be using this with my beautiful residents in the near future. Thank you for your comment Josephine. Your ideas just adds to the whole atmosphere of being at the beach. I have just joined Golden Carers today and I am very excited about sharing ideas with people in the same industry. Keep the great ideas coming!!!!
Josephine 4th Feb 2014 Lifestyle Manager
This is fantastic, as luck would have it, we are organising a reminiscing session, complete with Sunhats, Icecream and Lemonade ! I have some sea shells and an old brownie box camera (courtesy of my mother in law) that we can look at. The questions posted about the beach and being in the sun will save me so much time !! I will have to add some sand and rod & reel to the goodies !!
I am a new member to Golden Carers and I am using your site already !!