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Mary 7th Sep 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Does anyone have any suggestions to keep a highly intelligent resident mentally stimulated. She is a Professor of Philosophy & Astronomy, who has lectured in universities. She struggles physically after breaking her neck and a stroke has left her with a speech impediment - so to do talks for others is difficult for her.
Something that can be done 1:1, or challenging word games/quizzes. She enjoys doing diamond art, jigsaws, knitting & reading - but is often bored and becomes very emotional.
We do a large variety of word games & quizzes, with varying degree of difficulty, which suit our other resident populations - but I am looking for something that will suit this lady.
I have suggested online study - eg. U3A or other adult education - but she is states that there is nothing that interests her when we have searched.
Any suggestions would be welcomed.
Penny 9th Sep 2021
There is a lot more going on besides boredom. She is depressed of the loss of her prior life.
Put her in charge, get her a library card, let her order materials that interest her. Get her on the computer and let her find interesting subjects. Activities Connection has Cognitive Stimulation puzzles that are a lot of fun. Do you have a resident council? Start a committee that raises funds for childhood cancer, the local fireman need cookies etc. Let her help with organizing it. Find other ways that can make her feel useful that are attainable in your facility.
Morgan 9th Sep 2021 Diversional Therapist
Find out where her heart lyes. Where does she feed her soul...what spins her wheels...this could be anything from ...mental gymnastics with cross words ..reading...or talking with young people...talking on the work..a
Newspaper/ science were she naturally leans toward her joy. Talk with family..find out what they know of her...then when you have found it..give it to her and repeat. You are working with some grief here too. Companionship...For both her...maybe see if she is willing to nurture others in a one to one in the unit...make a friend who she can nurture.
Susan 9th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Penny and Morgan
You have made great suggestions
Thank you so much
Jayne 9th Sep 2021 Director
This lady possesses some very valuable skills by the sounds of it.
Could you ask her to write for you? If she could compose a talk or speech that staff could then deliver to others, this would surely make this lady feel valued?
How is her memory? Could she write about her own life and past experiences? Its sounds as though she would have some interesting tales to tell after years of lecturing/teaching. Ask her about it. Ask her about the highs and lows, the funny and the sad. If necessary, Take dictation and write it for her.
Do a little each day, giving time to look forward to tomorrow.
It will give opportunity for creative thinking for her and an avenue to express her thoughts.
Hope this is helpful

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