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Leisure 26th Sep 2021 récréologue
I am working on an art exhibit for our residents. Over 30 of them have agreed to present an item they have made over the last year.
Has anyone else done this before? I am open to any feedback.
This is an initiative towards celebrating International Senior’s Day on October 1.
Susan 26th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Leisure’
I have never had an art show but
I think this article will help you
Nikki 28th Sep 2021 Day Centre Coordinator
I have worked on a project where elders have completed an art challenge each week in lockdown and then those works have been brought together afterwards. Two of the weeks involved leaves (it was autumn) and birds. These where then brought together on a tree about three metres high. Placement of the birds was discussed with the group and tree branches were sketched by assistants to join them up. The elders added colour and definition to the branches and glued on the leaves which they decided to use as a frame for the finished work.
I guess the key point for me is involving the elders in the decisions, being sure to guide them with enough information about the options and considerations.
What a wonderful way to celebrate Senior's Day - Good luck!
Bettie 28th Sep 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hello, we did an art and craft show and had 16 residents and staff participate. I set it up along the walls in the foyer for easy browsing. Some of the items were donated for silent auction. We did a morning tea for the artists on opening day. And then the display was up for one week, I would cover everything at the end of each work day. I also put artists name in front of each item. Hope this helps.
Susan 29th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Nikki and Bettie
Thank you for your input
It sounds like you both had a great time

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