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Helen 18th Apr 2013 Diversional Therapist
Hi I have just started at a new facility and they have a full size oven for cooking activities. what are some things or recipes D.T's cook for their residents? I made jam drops and they enjoyed that.
Lesley 22nd Apr 2013 diversional therapist
hi Helen, they would like anything using older type recipes. Scones, anzac biscuits (for Anzac Day) choc. cake, lamingtons. You could also get them to help eg. stiring the mix. Have to watch out for hygiene - could use gloves on everyone.
Fiona 21st Apr 2013 Recrecation Therapist
We made gem scones, scones, egg & bacon little tarts, sausage rolls, cocktail pies with a electric pie maker, pavlovas, & the most popular is home made pasties.
Good luck.
Margaret 22nd Apr 2013 Activities Assistant
Let your residents tell you wat THEY want to cook. We are tackling a lemon merangue pie together soon :)
Christine 10th Aug 2013
Try to set up the room with a table and get plastic sheets or small plastic cutting boards and enough bowls for everyone to do the mixing. Make sure that everyone washes their hands first. Muffins, pikelets, French toast are easy bake to start with and then ask them for their favourite recipes. Look for recipes that don’t take too long to cook.
Hope this helps.

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