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Tina 27th Oct 2021 life enrichment manager
Hello. I want make xmas cards for the clients to make for each other. Does anybody have ideas
Susan 27th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hi Tina
Here are some ideas
You can Fold paper or card stock into quarters and use the pictures from this game two had the residents paste on the front
Then on the inside you can use these sayings or make up their own

Susan 28th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Tina
Of Course this depends on the ability of your residents
How much help do you want to get them??
You could do it like a simple art project where are you use supplies like a magic marker and glue and glitter
You could cut out pictures from old Christmas cards and use them to paste onto a folded paper
Or you could have residents do some Christmas coloring
And then have them add a message to the call ring are you credenza message if they’re not capable

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