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Peta 3rd Nov 2021 Centre Manager
We are looking at investing in an interactive digital table. Do any of your have then in your care settings and are they worth the investment?
Susan 4th Nov 2021 Activity Director
Hi Peta
I have never had a table like this but I’m sure it would be a great addition to your facility
Are you able to have a trial. To see if it works the way you wanted to and engages they residents
This comment may help you
Jean 21st Nov 2021 Activities Coordinator
We use a 'magic table'. I give some of the residents who have more advanced dementia a half hour at the table, give them a 'prop' such as a soft fluffy cloth and it really increases the amount of physical activity that they get as I put on a program such as sweeping away autumn leaves or trying to wipe the fish off the table. It acts well as a distraction too if they are a bit 'irritable'.
Susan 21st Nov 2021 Activity Director
Wow Jean
Thank you for this information
Where did you get the magic table??
Jean 26th Nov 2021 Activities Coordinator
Hi Susan, Our H/O ordered one for each of the homes in the group, 7 I think, I didn't even have to ask for it.
Susan 28th Nov 2021 Activity Director
You are so lucky Jean

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