The Magic Table: An Interactive Game

The Magic Table: An Interactive Game

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Deborah 16th Sep 2020 Lifestyle Co-Ordinator
Talita 20th Sep 2020
Hi Deborah, I'm not sure but if you send an email to the address listed under Australia on their contact page perhaps they can help you.
Tracey 1st Jul 2019 Aged/disability Support Worker
Cant wait to see this in action when they are available in Australia. What an amazing idea.
Donna 30th Sep 2018 Recreation Coordinator
Yes! Wish this was available in America.
Francesca 25th Sep 2018 Day Service Manager
We also have a tovertafel in our day centre and what an impact it has had on our service users, It is brilliant. we also have a local toddler group that joins us once a month and plays with the table and our residents. One of my many highlights from having a tovertafel is we had a non verbal gentleman and found it very hard to participate in anything. He came over to the table and started splashing and trying to catch fish on the pond slide, When a fish swam over his hand he let out a massive chuckle and said "got you"
Sally 21st Sep 2018 Activities Coordinator
Looking forward to this being available in Australia
Tracey 19th Aug 2018 Activity Coordinator
Hi all
the tovertafel game we have is attached from the ceiling although i believe you can have brackets for other rooms so you can move to. Our residents love this and so do our visitors, we have local schools visiting to which is lovely to see the young enjoying the game with our residents.
It definately is worth having if you can .
The game can bring on social skills, hand eye coordination, memories, fine motor skills, recognition, and so much more.
Have fun with your families,residents,friends.
Tina 7th Aug 2018 Activity Co-ordinator
depending on which one you have, we got a mobile one cost 10,000 we did fund raising to buy it and now lease it out to other homes when not in use.. very good buy .
I live in England and saw it at a show
Hank 8th Aug 2018 REC & ACT
Cool! Thanks for the info. Is it effective?
Hank 25th Jul 2018 REC & ACT
Hi there

American here, they haven't branched out this far yet. Could you tell me a ballpark figure for the price of one of these? Seems like a very interesting and helpful tool. Is it a stand alone machine? Can the table be moved? Is it mounted to anything? I have a lot of questions and not very many avenues to get answers. I have contacted the company for a demo but I doubt very seriously they with come all the way here just for a demo.

Michelle 2nd Aug 2018 Activity Director
Meagan 6th Aug 2018 Diversional Therapist
Following from New Zealand.