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Jean 10th Nov 2021 Activities Coordinator
Thank you for doing all the 'ground work' for us thereby giving us more time to spend with our residents. I have started a medium size group of residents, talkers rather than doers, using armchair travel. We used the material you gave us and spent an afternoon visiting Greece, eating olives and feta cheese. I extended the activity by adding a DVD 'walking the Greek Isles'. The scenery is so stunning that I also played the DVD in the lounge for general viewing. I am creating a folder/scrap book containing pictures, postcards and information about Greece, that can be passed around for browsing amongst those residents who joined the activity as well as others (picked up a few extra catalogues at a travel agent to cut out pictures)
We are a dementia home and this activity gives the residents an opportunity to reminisce, taste or just to sit back and enjoy the DVD. Next month we are off to Australia.
Susan 11th Nov 2021 Activity Director
Wow Jean
I am glad these are working out for you
I am sure you will have continued success
Talita 15th Nov 2021
Thank you so much for your feedback Jean, this is wonderful to hear!

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