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Jam 13th Dec 2021 Activities Coordinator
Hi everyone. I am now working at a 40 bed Hospital Unit for the elderly. They have not had any consistent activities for quite some time and I have just taken over the DT position. Any ideas to get them back to engaging and interacting? We have been doing quizzes and riddles which are always welcomed. Sing-alongs. Bingo is not very famous with this group though. Would love to hear new ideas from you! Thanks!
Ria 14th Dec 2021 Daycare Centre Manager
Musical bingo is a big love at our day centre.

Have you got the John McSweeney DVDs? Our clients love them. I've just posted about my activity files if you want access.
Susan 14th Dec 2021 Activity Director
Hey Ria
Thank you for you input
Susan 14th Dec 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jam
I think the activities you provide should be ones that the residents like to do and are capable of doing
You may want to have a meeting with the residents to see what they like
I assume you have some information about each resident which should help you at the meeting
Remember you can adapt and modify activities they used to enjoy
you have a good start
If you would like to share the abilities and likes and dislikes of the group I can help you further
Teresa 17th Dec 2021
My residents always love playing noodles and balloon - cut pool noodles in half, each resident gets one to hit the balloon, sit the residents in a circle and try to keep the balloon afloat. Laughter and joy and great interaction always occurs.
Susan 22nd Dec 2021 Activity Director
Thank you for the suggestion it sounds like you have a lot of fun
Kim 22nd Dec 2021 Activities Director
You can facilitate interaction among residents by doing a monthly "Resident Spotlight," where residents gather to meet one resident and get to know them better. My residents love this and are always wondering who the resident will be for the month.
Susan 22nd Dec 2021 Activity Director
Interesting idea
I say if it works for you go for it

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