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Jam 20th Dec 2021 Activities Coordinator
How do you manage giving out prizes for your quizzes or trivia games or just any kind of game where the active participation is very few. Out of 30 residents there would only be 5 - 8/10 who participates and maybe just about 3 who is really into it. I work in an aged care hospital unit. We can't be giving the lollies to just 1 or 2 residents.. I was thinking of making a tally and collate at the end of the week? or month? Or something like every 3 correct answers will get you a prize.
Susan 21st Dec 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jam
I would only let each person win one prize
They certainly can help others but that way everyone has a chance of getting a prize
When almost everyone has a prize then you can start all over again

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