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Hannah 27th Jan 2022 Student
Hi everybody,
I just started work experience in a dementia care home. Has anyone got any easy activity ideas that a range of residents would like? I don’t know some of them very well yet
If anyone has any tips on how to get them involved in activities as some of them prefer to stay in their rooms it would be much appreciated :)
Susan 30th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Hannah
Graduations on your new role
I find that music is a good activity for many with dementia because it relies on many parts of your brain
These articles should help you in trying to get people to go to your activities
Jean 31st Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator
Most of my residents have dementia and the two easy but popular activities that I rely on are throwing a balloon to them (the only rule is that they must be sitting) and a sing along.
Susan 31st Jan 2022 Activity Director
Thanks for your input Jean
Pamela 8th Feb 2022 Activity Director
I requested staff to bring in pairs of socks that were crazy colors and patterns (and sizes from infants to adults). I have all these socks in a laundry basket and have had many happy hours when I dump them out on a table and either sort and match them one on one with a single resident or with a group of residents around the table. Its a great cognitive activity, life skill, and exercise for those arthritic fingers. Plus, it can be quite calming for someone on the verge of a melt down to focus on a simple task It's always a joy to hear the stories those infant socks bring forth from the memory banks!
Hannah 10th Feb 2022 Student
Thank you those ideas are really helpful. Will definitely try music and sock pairing!

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