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Natalie 28th Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator

I was wondering how many Activities Coordinators there are in an Independent living extra care scheme that are in the UK. I have been asked to do some research and see how they conduct activities at their site , as I feel like I am researching my self out of a job. A lot of independent living schemes I have looked at do not have an activities coordinator but the residents themselves sort out the activities with support with staff on site.
When I do activities I have a core number who attend which is only about 12 out of 84 residents my manager wants over half to start to attend at least one activity a week. I have tried different groups but they are so independent that at this moment in time they do not need the activities.
Some information on what you do and how many attend would be much appreciated and if you do have a set person running them.
(example of a few of the popular activities we have, chit chat, music appreciation, arm chair travel, brain training, mindfulness, dance and creative expression but like i said it is only about 12 different people that attend at the moment)

Many thanks
Susan 30th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Natalie
I do not live in the UK and I never worked in independent living
However my mother is in independent living now and they definitely have an activity calendar and many activities
I guess it depends on the budget for the facility and what they want to do
The trick to having a good calendar is to get a lot of input from the residents
Of course things can change over time
Susan 30th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi again Natalie
This might be a good question to ask the golden Carers Group on Facebook
Jean 31st Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator
I don't know if the information that I am going to share with you will be of any help Natalie. I work in a care home in the UK, most of our residents have dementia so I try to deliver activities on different levels. Not all residents will want to join 'group activities' and some may be happy to stay in their own room and knit, read or do a jigsaw puzzle, word search etc. With the help of some of our residents I have made scrap books that can be taken to a residents room for them to browse through, perhaps some of the residents have the ability to create a scrap book in their room with pictures etc that you took to them. My manager would be happy that they are still engaging in activity. I have approx 45 residents, approx 8 'bed bound (most of who don't communicate) and my group activities consist on anything from 4 or 5 residents (craft ) to 10 or 12 (sing along, throwing around a balloon). As an activities coordinator, offer a variety of activities that last varying lengths of time then try to meet those who are not engaging with something that they enjoy individually. Your program then becomes more tailor made or 'person centered'
Susan 31st Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hey Jean
Thank you for your input
Jean 2nd Feb 2022 Activities Coordinator
You could sit with 2 or 3 people and reminisce on a subject of interest for 45 minutes, go to another group and do the same for a further 45 minutes. In the space of 90 minutes you could have covered 6 residents. However it may be time consuming getting them into 1 area that you could use and for this type of activity you need to be prepared. I have 'packs' that I can just pick up and use eg pictures of pets, dogs, cats rabbits etc. At the session we would talk about pets you had when growing up, I show the pictures (you could use soft toys) and play music on Alexa: 'How much is that doggie in the window' or even ask Alexa to make animal sounds. You end up with a multi sensory activity. There are some good books on the market and I now have a list of approx 50 topics that I use. When you reminisce you also learn a lot about your residents. I'm happy to share more info and my list of topics etc if you would like me to.
Susan 2nd Feb 2022 Activity Director
More good ideas Jean

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