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Hanneke 8th Mar 2022 Manager Services
Good day all, I am looking for education for activity officers. Where I live there aren't any schooling options in this field so I am looking to offer my staff additional training to expand their knowledge. Everything they are doing now comes from good intentions and practice, which is going well. All our clients are happy with them however I would like to see more variety and structure in the programs. As well as expanding their knowledge to work with clients with e.g. Alzheimer's.

There are a lot of possibilities online but not all seem genuine or matching with my needs. I was wondering if any of you have any suggestion or recommendations for me. I am looking for an entry level education in English, especially for working in nursing homes with adult clients.

I would also be interested in direct contact with an educator from the field and discuss the possibilities of doing a custom made training either online or in person (or combination).

Hoping there is somebody out there who can help me.
Susan 8th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Hanneke 9th Mar 2022
Thank you Susan that is a great start. I love the online courses that are available there. Especially the understanding dementia online course appeals to me.

Next to these online options I will also continue looking for a face-to-face training option. If anybody has any suggestions or recommendations for that please reach out to me.
Doren 5th Dec 2023 Manager
Hello everyone! What a fantastic day to embark on the journey of learning, especially in the realm of activity officers' education. It's inspiring to witness individuals actively seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.
Andrew 12th Dec 2023 Norton
Thanks for the information!
Andrew 12th Dec 2023 Norton
Thanks for the information!

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