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Linda 15th Mar 2022 Recreation Therapist
Create a Night Owl Lounge
Our Owls sleep of a day and wander wide awake of a night
This concept would allow Owls to come together in a set lounge area
Staff would offer cups of warmed milk drinks ONLY, to entice, encourage relaxation and sleep.
Of a night the facilities are quite, large and lonely places
Board games would be offered, to create socializing between the Owls, board games are wonderful they create, fun and conversations flow during play
I came across this idea from two books I had, am currently reading, a military book and a fiction and how this concept was used for those who struggled to sleep
What do you think?

Susan 15th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Hi Linda
Thank you for this information
Sounds like a great idea
I say go with whatever works
Thanks again
Jean 16th Mar 2022 Activities Coordinator
Linda I would be very interested in any updates that you are happy to give us when implementing this project. My stumbling block would be staffing, in would need 1 or 2 more adequately trained staff members. At present we only have 4 staff members on duty each night and from approx 40 residents that they have to care for they probably have 8 'night owls'
Linda 18th Mar 2022 Recreation Therapist
Thanks Jean
If implemented and created to become a habit for the residents would make care staffs shift easier in that they would not be chasing, sensor mats/ bells having owls in one comfortable area
One staff member could host supervise this
Government focus is on dementia affected residents and acfi funding would support this project
Regards Linda
Jean 23rd Mar 2022 Activities Coordinator
Thank you for the feedback Linda. I was considering 8pm to 12 but would have to monitor residents and be flexible here. I thought about making a cozy circle of chairs, relaxing music playing, an aroma therapy dispenser with some essential oils in the background. On the table I would have a few items that are related to sleep such as hot water bottles, ????. there would be a table nearby with fluffy coloured blankets and pillows on. I would be dressed in PJ's. We would chat, hold hands (if they found it acceptable) etc. A tray of drinks, warm milk Ovaltine Milo etc. We have 'orthopeadic type' chairs that recline and if I was fortunate enough to get someone to a point where they might sleep if they were in one of the chairs they could be left there for a few hours. Am I on the correct track, please give me feedback or ideas, the more prepared I am the greater my chances of succeeding.
Jean 28th Mar 2022 Activities Coordinator
I would also put some soft toys, fiddle mitts etc on the table. Any other ideas?
Susan 28th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Hi Linda and Jean
What do you think about using some ideas in this article??

Maybe you could do with a sensory lap blanket
Linda 30th Mar 2022 Recreation Therapist
Jean use gentle tactile tools that suit your residents. You know these people better than anyone, so match your tool box comfort items to your owl residents keep it a consistent night event and the benefits will emerge
Great ideas Jean
Jean 22nd Apr 2022 Activities Coordinator
Thank you

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