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Rosemarie 23rd Apr 2022 Director
I am looking for ideas for family support group topics and fun things to do.
Any ideas would be appreciated!
Susan 24th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Hi Rosemarie
I think these articles will help you even though they’re not exactly what you’re looking for
Both of these articles have some great ideas in them
I think you should involve social service because they kind of handle family support
One thing to remember is to keep the group upbeat
You certainly do not want it to be a bitch session
Bring up some activities you have done that the rest residents really loved
Also this is a good time to ask for their help and ideas
It would be helpful if I know what group of residents you have in your place
For example I think that people who have loved ones with dementia need to be educated
Talk to them on how to talk to their loved ones with dementia or other conditions they may have
Again knowing what conditions most of the residents have will be helpful to me if you need more advice
King Island 24th Apr 2022 ADC
Hi Rosemarie,

I don't know if the family has been big on taking photos or if they have photos of themselves in their youth. You could try scrapbooking with them and from that discussions of feelings etc and reminiscent therapy from there. Just an idea. With my Day Centre clients we take drives and they tell stories about who use to live in this place and what were they were like when they were younger places they have lived and the memories they had there also the places they have worked. Again just an idea.
Susan 25th Apr 2022 Activity Director
King island
Thank you for sharing your ideas

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