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Linda 10th May 2022 Recreation Therapist
Regarding activities for Men
Our men actually join and attend the local Men's Shed
It broadens their outlook, and they are able to have input with their skills at the
Men's Shed group. It gives them something to talk within the Age Care facility, outside community news that they are an active member of
The particular Men's Shed restores old ride on mowers and converts the power from the blades to the engine and they race them at a local race meet, for other Men's Sheds converted mowers
It's wonderful and keeps life skills alive
Susan 10th May 2022 Activity Director
Hi Linda
This sounds great
I imagine it would take a little research to find a men’s shed group in the area where others work
Thanks for sharing
Teena 18th May 2022 Activity Manager
Men's Activity
Have you thought of the R.O.M.E.O. club? R.O.M.E.O stands for Retired Old Men Eating Out.
It is a great group and the men love going to Hooters or even Cracker Barrell. A checkers tournament could begin.
Susan 18th May 2022 Activity Director
Hi Teena
Another great idea
I say use whatever works
Thanks for sharing

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