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Jan 2nd Jun 2022 Activity Director
Good Morning! My name is Valerie I work under Jan. I love love love this app!!! We are thinking of having a Lifetime Acheivement Award for our residents, (we are a 35 bed facility). What are some interview questions that you have asked your residents? If anyone has done an activity like this can you share how you implemented it? Thank You! Looking forward to feedback!!!
Susan 4th Jun 2022 Activity Director
It is so nice of you to do this I always like to recognize residents whatever way I can
Depends on how much time you want to spend doing this
Every person should have a history about them
Some residents like to talk about themselves
Hopefully you learned about some of the residents through the activities they engage in
You could talk to family members and friends
Here are some ideas on Golden Carers

I assume you want to give each person some kind of certificate recognizing their achievements
There is a simple one you may want to use
You can modify this to suit your needs
You could make your own are you can buy some
Jean 8th Jun 2022 Activities Coordinator
I use this template to give out certificates to the residents once every 9 months to a year. It is really appreciated and causes a buzz with residents and families. We acknowledge the residents contribution to the home eg always making an effort to chat to new residents, watering the plants in the lounge. We laminate the certificates and the residents proudly display them.
Jan 9th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Thank You All! Great help, I will be looking at all of these ideas and this fall when I do the Lifetime Achievement Awards I will share how everything went!
Susan 10th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Thank you for your ideas and suggestions

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