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Lina 16th Jul 2022
Hi, I'm currently studying certificate IV "Assess co-existing needs" - and I hoping i could get help with one of my questions.
How you would evaluate your assessment and referral process and how you use
feedback and evaluations to improve services.

thank you
Susan 19th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Lina
I am not from Australia I’m not sure what certificate IV means
Are you supposed to refer somebody if you think they have a need??
For example if you think they need a hearing aid or a hearing evaluation would this be something??
A vision problem may be an issue also
would you refer them to get their vision checked?
Would you suggest that they get reading glasses or a magnifying glass that they could use at activities ??
Is there a commission for the blind or something like that that you could refer them to??
Would You suggest they go on hospice??
Is this what you had in mind??
And for not being more specific in your question
Linda 19th Jul 2022 Recreation Therapist
Hi Lina
I do/find the needs of the resident thru my interactions with them
Games, exercises,you will gain from this the physical cognitive abilities behaviors of the person
Trust this gives you a direction guideline
Regarxs Linda
Susan 19th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Linda
Thanks for your helpful input

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