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Sally 26th Jul 2022 Activities Coordinator
Does anyone find it hard to encourage imagination in their clients? We had two new clients start the other day in our community day centre. I thought it would be good to do an ice breaker. So I asked them each 3 questions
1. What is your name
2. Where were you born
3. Have you ever wanted to be called something different?

None of them had ever thought of it or could come up with another name that they liked. I’ve tried this sort of thing before and found the same thing

Any thoughts?
Susan 28th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Sally
Some people just are not imaginative or creative
Perhaps you could ask other questions
Could give a choice of two responses and they have to pick one
This makes it easier for some people especially those with dementia
Sally 30th Jul 2022 Activities Coordinator
Yes that’s very true. My group is a mixed bunch and not all with dementia diagnosis. I do end up asking questions but I often see craft activities on Facebook where clients have used imagination and wonder what I. Hold do better.

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