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Cathy 2nd Aug 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi, has anyone had a Hawaiian Theme Day? Looking for ideas.
Thanks Cathy
Susan 3rd Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hi Cathy
I have had a number of Hawaiian theme days
I usually do it around me first which is Lei Day
Golden Carers has many ideas for a Hawaiian theme day
I would buy leis
Sometimes we made our own with tissue paper yarn and plastic needles
Let me know if you need more details
Offs of the residents would do their version of a hula
This could be pretty funny
Margaret 3rd Aug 2022 Assisted Living Coordinator
We are making macadamia nut cookies and having Pina coladas, and macadamia nut candy.
We have entertainment with piano and guitar music. We will decorate the room with palm
leaves and Hawaiian leis. Also tables be will set with decorative plates. On the tv we will have Hula dancers. we have lots' of Hawaiian decorations. A lot of it came from the dollar store.
Good Luck
Susan 3rd Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hi Margaret
Thank you for sharing what you have done

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