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Esther 6th Aug 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hey everyone I have been having trouble trying to think of some 9am and 11am activities other then "coffee and chat" and the "Walking club". Any ideas? recommendations?
Susan 6th Aug 2022 Activity Director
Hi Esther
This depends on many factors like what you do in the afternoon the ability of the residents and their likes and dislikes
If I knew these things I could make better suggestions but you can always look at the sample calendars some of the members have provided
Let me know if you need more help
Brittany 8th Aug 2022 Activity Coordinator
I do all my morning activities at 10 am. I have found this is the best time for my residents as most are still asleep before 10am. I just this time to read, do trivia, Wii, clear your mind, and other simpler activities. I use my afternoons for the crafts, games, music and outdoor activities. It depends on your facility and which residents want to go to which events. I have also tried a themed calendar for this month, and I have to say I love it. It has really helped me with the planning.
Esther 10th Aug 2022
Thank you Brittany for some of these ideas. Susan, for some more information on my residents likes and dislikes, my residents can be high maintenance and very picky. They love bingo and love music entertainers. They usually have 10 am fitness class on a DVD and they love that in their routine and don't want it to be changed. They do not care for the WII AT ALL. However, my RD would like more 9am and 11am activities. I am trying to brain storm but sometimes i get stuck.

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