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Lowana 20th Sep 2022 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
Icare Advice. Hi all, Im wanting to have a quick chat with anyone who uses Icare and Activity charting for daily documentation. We received advice from an Accreditation consultant to link up the Activities charting to a progress note. The only issue now, its that the progress notes are being clogged up with the activities charting and clinical staff are unable to see if a resident have had a formal progress note done on them on the last 7 days due to having to scroll thru all of the activities charting posts. Is there any way, you can do one bulk activities chart with the numerous activities they did during the day so it generates one progress note per day?
Susan 21st Sep 2022 Activity Director
Hi Lowana
I have never used Icare and thus far I am saying no one in the group who has
You might want to ask this question at Golden Carers Facebook group

Could also use the Golden Carers Tool kit
Maurice could help you attach it to the other systems they use in your facility
Press the? Below to ask him
This might help also

Maria 14th Oct 2022 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Hi Lowana, I just saw your message & I use Icare at work. You have a good point as you cannot enter a couple of activities in 1 entry. They all have to be separate. In saying that, we have to enter the time of the activity therefore make several entries.
Isabelle 18th May 2023 Lifestyle Coordinator
I've been asked to draw up a seating chart for our residents to ensure our more cognitive residents get a chance to sit next to someone who can have a conversation.

does anyone have a basic template I could possibly use?


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