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patricia 23rd Aug 2013 Recreational Activity Officer
I work in a facility with 32 beds classified as low care .Some of these residents are in early stages of dementia. There is a hugh range of mental and physical abilities. Does anyone have any suggestions for some different activities?
Linda 25th Aug 2013 Recreation Therapist
Hello Patrica
Here a couple you may find useful
Folding up tea towels, the anti slip mats for shelving, satin squares, great sensory, this is good for the home makers in your care
Winding up huge balls of wool ( the extra thick wool fashionable at the moment for making scarves)
Wooden coat hangers unscrew the hooks and ask the residents to replace the hooks screw them back into the hangers
cut lengths if small rope make three or four knots in the length of rope ask the men to help you with undoing the knots
trust these ideas help you
kind regards

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