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patricia 24th Aug 2013 Recreational Activity Officer
I would like comments /suggestions on the following. I would like to do a quilting activity with my low care residents (Some are not really low care).
I want the end result to be the residents own work, not the mine.
Fiona dart 24th Aug 2013 Recrecation Therapist
I contacted the local quilting club & asked them what I was wanted to do with our residents & they were only to happy to help. The ladies each donated colourful material that they per cut into hexagons & we joined them like a flower ( a centre & 6 around the centre. This took a few months & they picked it up & joined all the flowers to make a large quilt that we have hanging in our facility. The residents were very proud of being a part of making it.
dorothy 24th Aug 2013 diversional therapist
hi Patricia
quilting is great fun ans great for socalisation i found that some residents excelled and others enjoyed taking part in a smaller way like cutting out the squares they all enjoyed the end result and made new friends as well good luck with your venture
Solange 25th Aug 2013
Quilting is a fabulous idea. In fact a box with pieces of fabrics of all colors and textures is an ideal activity for people suffering from Alzheimer; they love to touch, smooth, fold and feel it. Place the box where residents can reach or else on top of a table. The advantage is that you can wash and re-use the fabric.

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