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Bobbie 3rd Dec 2022 Carer/activity Assistant
I have just purchased large dice i have three, does anyone have ideas on games I can use in our facility?
Susan 4th Dec 2022 Activity Director
Lynn 30th Dec 2022 Care Facilitator
What about the Beetle Game?
We keep track on a large dry-eras board. We split the room into two sides and use one die for each side, and then "race" to complete a "beetle" by drawing on the body when a 6 is rolled, and then when someone next rolls a 5, it means the head gets drawn, you need 6 "4s" rolled to account for the six legs, then 2 threes for antennae, 2 twos for the eyes, and then a 1 for the tail!
whichever side finishes their beetle first wins!

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