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Laurie 3rd Jan 2023 Program Manager
I love the birthday suggestions. I work in independent senior apartments offering 4 hours of activities. 85% of participants are high functioning. they pay 3.00 a day which is 12.00 a month to attend. I go to a different building each day. I try to change up the birthday celebrate yearly. one year I did balloons and scrolls with important people that share the same birthday and added "but most importantly "Marie". The next I did tiaras and crowns. last year I did cards, this day in history, personalize newsletters for their special month and Hershey candy with happy birthday wrappers. This year I bought birthday scratch off's from Amazon that you can write and customize on. the beginning of each month I will give each birthday participant a birthday card, newsletter and a chance to pick a scratch off. they can receive a free day, 2 free days, a free month, etc. I am sureeeee it will be a big hit. this can be customize to any health care facility.
Susan 4th Jan 2023 Activity Director
Hi Laurie
Thanks for sharing this information
Are you paid for your services and does it depend on how many people attend the activities ??
Laurie 9th Jan 2023 Program Manager
Yes. I get paid. I work for a Healthcare company AD department. the cost to the participants is 3.00 a day and this includes a hot lunch a 3 hours of programming. It's more of a give back to the community. I have been doing it for 10 yrs and it is very successful. I like to hold a census of 15.
Dawn 11th Jan 2023 Service Coordinator
Last year, I had coffee mugs donated from a local bank. I put a "mug cake" mix, lollipop and birthday button in each mug. Then, I wrapped it up in a cellophane bag and attached a birthday card. It was a big hit.
Laurie 11th Jan 2023 Program Manager
I love that idea Dawn. Maybe I'll use that next year.

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