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nancy 21st Jan 2023 Activity Director
Hello. my residents have been on lock down due to a covid out break .We are finally getting cleared and getting ready to open the activity room. I wanted to do something special for them since they been so bored . I was thinking of having the staff vote for king and queen and then doing something special for the winners. Does anyone have some ideas to share with me that would be great. Thank you so much!
Susan 23rd Jan 2023 Activity Director
Hi Nancy
I don’t think I would pick a king and queen, because some of the residents might be upset that they weren’t picked
Since found times day is soon why not host a Valentine’s Day party?
If you don’t think you have enough time to do that, then, perhaps a spring party might be in order
Another idea might be to Have a resident council meeting and asked the resident what they want to do
Whatever you do, make sure you thank everyone for their patience and cooperation during the difficult time
You might even want to tell each and every resident why you love them, which is something I always did at a Valentines party, but you could do it no matter what party you have

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