How to host a Valentine's Day Party

How to host a Valentine's Day Party

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Valentine's Day celebrates LOVE; whether this be for your husband/wife, partner, friends or family members. It is a date to express love and affection.
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Valentine's Day celebrates LOVE; whether this be for your husband/wife, partner, friends or family members. It is a date to express love and affection.

Make it an all-day celebration and include games, activities, a sing-along, movie watching, festive food and drinks. Make it a happy and joyful occasion!

Prepare the party

  • Prior to the day make paper flowers and offer them to clients to wear on their lapels/dress on Valentine's Day.
  • Decorate the facility and dining tables lavishly with pink and red hearts, cupids and fresh flowers. Related: Valentine's Day Decoration ideas.
  • Ask you Chef to cook something special; Chicken and Campagne or a BBQ or warm Croissants with Brie and Ham.
  • Include a glass of champagne, sherry or shandy to make it a special occasion.

7 Activities for the Day

1. Reminisce

Reminisce about how clients met their husbands/wives or about first dates.
Possible Questions:

  • What were you wearing?
  • What was he/she wearing?
  • Who approached whom? Who introduced you?
  • Was it love at first sight? Second sight?
  • Is there a special song you remember him/her by?
  • Did you keep it a secret for a while? Perhaps you told your best friend?
  • Did you organise a second date there and then?

2. Listen to Love Songs

Sing or listen to songs expressing love such as:

3. Watch a First Date Interview

On a large TV screen, amuse clients by playing to them a youtube video of Michelle Obama reminiscing about her first date with Obama! (Michelle Obama reminisces and then you may switch off the video because the remainder of the video has nothing to do with Valentine's Day).

4. Play Games!

Play the game "Who's Who":

  • Gather a group of clients.
  • Write the name of a romantic movie or sitcom on a post-it note (stick paper).
  • Stick it on the back of a participant and allow the audience to see the name.
  • The participant then sits in front of the group and tries to guess the name.
  • of the movie/sitcom by asking the audience questions that can be answered with a yes or no.
  • The game is over when the correct name is guessed.
  • Repeat with another participant.
Try a TV sitcom:
  • 'Keeping Up Appearances'
  • 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
Or well known movies
  • 'Casablanca' or
  • 'Gone with the Wind'

5. Watch Romantic Movies

Watch romantic movies such as:

  • 'Some Like It Hot',
  • 'Breakfast at Tiffany's',
  • 'An Affair to Remember'
Or modern romantic comedies like
  • 'Sleepless in Seattle'
  • 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'
  • 'Silver Linings'

6. Enjoy a Quiz

Entertain guests with the Golden Carers quiz 'A Question of Romance':

7. Match the Couples

End the celebration by giving each guest a copy of 'Romantic Couples Through the Ages' to match.


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