Here's a 20 question quiz about al things romantic! A fun group quiz for seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
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1. 'Ich liebe dich' means 'I love you' in which language?
2. What is the term used when a couple on a date share entertainment expenses?
3. Something you wear on your finger
4. Why carry the bride over the threshold?
5. In which city did Romeo meet Juliette?
6. Who buys more cards on Valentine's Day: men or women?
7. The most popular gift on Valentine's Day are flowers; what is the second most popular gift?
8. In Greek Mythology, the God of Love is...
9. Who is the Goddess of Love in Roman mythology?
10. In which movie did Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton first meet?
11. Why is rice thrown at a wedding?
12. Why do some people tie tin cans at the back of the newlyweds' vehicles?
13. Complete the names of these famous lovers:
  • Abelard and …
  • Cleopatra and …
  • Tristan and …
14. Who wrote 'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all'?
15. When did St. Valentine's Day become an officially celebrated day in England?
16. Nat King Cole sings a song called LOVE; can you sing the first line?
17. Which monument in India was built as a gift of love?
18. Name the cherub who shoots arrows of love into the hearts of lovers?
19. Which professionals receive the most cards on Valentine's Day?
20. Why is the heart a symbol for Valentine's Day?


1. German 2. 'Going Dutch' 3. Ring 4. Traditionally the bride had to enter the house through the front door; since tripping or stumbling was considered bad luck, the groom would carry the bride 5. Verona, Italy 6. Men 7. Chocolates 8. Eros 9. Venus 10. On the set of 'Cleopatra' 11. Traditionally rice is a symbol of fertility and prosperity 12. It was believed that the noise would keep evil spirits away 13. Abelard and Heloise - Cleopatra and Mark Anthony – Tristan and Isolde 14. Lord Alfred Tennyson 15. It was declared as an official day by King Henry VIII in 1537 16. 'L' is for the way you look at me 'O' is for the only one I see 'V' is very, very extraordinary 'E' is even more than anyone that you adore 17. The Taj Mahal 18. Cupid 19. Teachers 20. Because ancient people believed the soul resided in the heart.

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Marina 30th Jan 2019 Diversional Therapist I/T
Thankyou for the posters of the year of the "Golden Pig" and "Valentines's Day" they were great.
Last year we did the craft the "Heart of Kindness." It was a wonderful craft, and looked great when it was finished. It is a real team effort. Thoroughly enjoyed. This year we are going to follow your guide for a "Valentines Day" party, so we are looking forward to it.

Thanks for all your ideas, certainly helps when my old brain needs new ideas.

Marina - Hospital Unit.
Talita 2nd Feb 2019
Thank you so so much for your feedback Marina!
Tracey 24th Jan 2017 Recreational Coordinator
Valentine's Day is not a public holiday in England. Florists, restaurants, hotels etc do generally charge more on Valentine's Day but this is just because they know people will pay more on special days, not because it's a public holiday. Sadly it's more about corporate greed than romance
Domenica 9th Feb 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
To the wonderful team of Golden Carers,question number three of Question of Romance is not that price anymore,its over $120 plus now.That's just for Valentinbe's Day:)
No Avatar