Make dozens of these lovely hearts and string them around your recreation area!

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Kelly 16th Feb 2020
Thanks Golden Carers for the wonderful ideas....I put a combination of ideas together. We cut out glitter hearts. I took a picture of a picture the resident had with their spouse or any family member. I then printed those and we pasted them in the middle of the heart. We then made hole punches around the edge of the hearts and the residents threaded ribbon around the perimeter of the hearts. We then taped them in the lobby for Valentines Day/Week.

Everyone loved it...the staff and the residents as they tried to guess who was who in the pictures.

they all wanted to keep the heart with their picture on it for their rooms.

From Canada
Susan 17th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Thank you Kelly for sharing this I am sure others will do similar things you also can use this idea with other symbols for other holidays for example for St. Patrick’s Day you could put a picture in a shamrock
Kathleen 19th Feb 2019 Activity Assistant
I adapted lacing activities when I couldn't find appropriate adult themes for my memory care residents. I use foam sheets and pictures printed off the internet (seasons, holidays, etc). The picture is glued to the foam sheet, leaving enough border around it to include punched holes for threading. Use thin yarn to sew around the picture. I use toothpicks instead of plastic needles since yarn is too thick to thread through the eye of the plastic needle. Secure the toothpick (or half a toothpick) to the yarn with painters tape. Use any stitch that the resident will be familiar with. Simple stitches are usually preferred, and I have had a resident who used a blanket stitch. Use clear postal tape to secure the yarn on the back of the picture when sewing is completed. A yarn loop can be attached for hanging.
Talita 24th Feb 2019
Thanks for sharing Kathleen! If you ha ve some pictures to share that would be great too!
Sally 9th Feb 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
These are lovely, I'm thinking a photo copy of a recent photo of a loved one could be glued on the cut out heart too! I've done similar thing with large heart shaped paper doilies purchased from $2 shop, very cheap and effective activity, then staple onto curling ribbon/ ribbon to make bunting
Talita 17th Feb 2019
Lovely idea Sally! Thanks for sharing x
Teresa 4th Feb 2019 Activity Director
Thank you so much for the ideas!!
Talita 8th Feb 2019
Thanks Teresa!
meredith 28th Jan 2016 Activity co ordinator
We will try this leading up to Valentines Day...... looks like fun
Georgia 26th Jan 2016 caregiver
It's amazing what one can do!!
leanne 19th Jan 2016 Carer
I did this activity last year in our Dementia unit I cut the hearts out of thin colored foam and punched the holes in for them, we sat in tables of 3 residents and one helper .After the residents threaded different color ribbon they then stuck different stickers on them.Some gave them out to family members and with the other ones we decorated our day room and dinning room When we took them down the residents dismantled them , so this year we will redo them.
Bianca 24th Jan 2011 Lifestyle Coordinator
used wrapping paper and lace, very effective and colourfull, also used celophane in the centre and then pasted them back to back, dazzling when hung in the windows.
Helen 8th Feb 2010 Diversional Therapist
I did this activity but purchased plastic needles for Residents to use.
Just purchased subscription. Heaps of info.
julie 2nd Feb 2010 Snr Support Worker