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Jen 22nd Jan 2023 Activities, Social Day Program, Life Enrichment

Does anyone facilitate or work in a Day Program for early stage Alzheimer’s ? If so, how is your day structured and any ideas for activities?
We'll do exercise, some brain games, something creative and hands on, and movies or armchair travel.
There are mostly men in the group.

Thanks for ideas and how your day is scheudled!
Susan 23rd Jan 2023 Activity Director
Hi Jan
I think you have the right idea
One thing I would add, is a sing-along because music tabs into so many areas of the brain and those who can’t do much else can sing, even if they’re singing voice is not that great
Some of these ideas may help you also

I would be fairly structured with the same type of activities at the same time every day
Perhaps you could have a special activity for each day of the week such as bingo on Monday and bowling on Tuesday etc.
Jen 24th Jan 2023 Activities, Social Day Program, Life Enrichment
Thanks, Susan! I appreciate the help and the links!

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