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Emily 19th Feb 2023 Activities Co Ordinator
I am struggling for ideas for people who have dementia to do. They are at various stages of dementia so some want to do things others do not and just want to watch the tv. I do reminiscing with them and show them pictures of things which does generate and conversation on a few people. I have tried to the matching games on here and manage to get a few people together for that. Please can anyone suggest any activities. I am trying my best but i think due to covid and not having a permanent activity person in situ for a long while the residents have settled into a routine of watching the tv and not talking to each other. It is very difficult to get them motivated and I have no budget at all so any ideas that are free would help .i will take any ideas on board.
Susan 19th Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi Emily
You as the leader needs to be excited, enthused and engaging and tried to include everyone
I’ call iti IEEE
I think of it like being a performer and you are performing in front of the group and you need to be enthusiastic and excited about what you’re doing
i’d like sing-alongs and other kinds of musical activities because everyone can sing
there is someone in the group that sings pretty well even if you don’t
I like play name that tune but instead playing notes of the song, I’ll give partial song titles
For example, bicycle built for two first I say bicycle then I see if someone can give me the title next time I say bicycle built and then hopefully someone will give me the title then we sing this song
Have the higher functioning residents . Help you get a list of songs together that everyone can sing
You can have partners pairing the higher functioning people with the lower functioning ones
You can hand out prizes to those who help you out and then may be a friend and a handshake or hug would be enough if that’s all you can afford
Also, compliments compliments compliments are a good tool, telling each person what wonderful job they’re doing, especially if their behavior improves
You can have higher functioning residents help you lead the group and of course tell them what a wonderful job they’re doing and thank them profusely for doing it
Here is an article that might help you

Sarah 21st Feb 2023 Diversional Therapist
you could try pet therapy, sensory activities involving smell and sensation, cooking, sorting acivities (we have a lady who loves craft so I get her to sort our craft supplies, she loves it and it stops her wandering), visit from kindergarten or school children, invite high school music or drama students to perform.
Susan 21st Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi Sarah
Great ideas
Lori 24th Feb 2023 Activity
I’m surprised they watch tv my dementia residents don’t have attention to sit and watch
Rose 24th Feb 2023 Community Living Coordinator
We have been using a lot of YouTube videos that match our resident's interests. For example, one lady "loved her horses more than her children" according to her son, so we searched for "horses in pasture" and got a lot of 30+ minute videos that she loves. Another lady liked to feed the birds (and is in an area of the building that birdfeeding isn't feasible) so we searched YouTube for "birds at feeder" and "hummingbirds." There are also videos of puppies, kittens, wild animals, farm animals, nature walks... just about anything we have asked for has been found on YouTube. We use an HDMI cord to attach a chromebook to the living room large screen tv to play the videos. Our facility pays for a YouTube account so we don't have interruptions with ads - which our residents found confusing and distressing. I think it's around $15 a month and something we use every day, so it costs around $0.50 per day to provide this and other activities. Actually a lot of bang for our buck.
Lori 28th Feb 2023 Activity
What is the name of the short movies or videos you watch with horses
Rose 1st Mar 2023 Community Living Coordinator
If you're asking me about the horse videos - there are a LOT of them that pop up when you do a YouTube search "Horse in pasture." I don't use the same one every time, so I really can't come up with a name of the video. Sorry.
Jean 8th Mar 2023 Activities Coordinator
We use Youtube also. I may chat to a group of residents about a topic then support/reinforce the discussion with a youtube video.

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