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Nicole 14th Mar 2023 Activity Director
Hi, my name is Nicole I am the activity coordinator for a memory care facility. The residents have different levels of dementia which range from early to late stage. The activity calendar is a tool that is used to keep loved ones apprised of how a resident spends their day. Today a family member expressed displeasure that a manicure did not happen. Do you have suggestions how I can plan and follow through on my own for these approx 65 residents. Thank you
Susan 14th Mar 2023 Activity Director
Hi Nicole
Do you have a beautician in your facility because they can probably provide a manicure, but for a cost I am sure
I always had volunteers do the manicures, especially high school students
If you have to do it, it can be a one on one activity or you could have a group have background music TV shows or a sing-along while you do the manicures
Perhaps the family member who expressed displeasure would like to help you or has ideas on who can

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