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Sandy 11th Apr 2023 Support Worker
Hi, I would like some help with prize ideas,
I have a box of chocolates I take round when they have completed a wordsearch or winner from picture bingo or floor games.
Ladies are quite easy for prizes as I have given travel packs of tissues,
I have a couple of diabetic residents and also a couple with dysphagia, has anyone got ideas what I could give them?
Peter 13th Apr 2023 Activities Coordinator
The choccies are a winner for sure but obviously there are limitations as you say with regard to different diets, allergies etc..I am brand new here and I hope you don't mind if I chime in... but I was thinking perhaps of handing out some simple stickers, getting your residents to choose one from a pack. You could have ones saying "Well done" or "Super Star!" I'm sure there are hundreds to choose from and it won't cost the earth. I know it sounds overly simple, but I know that everyone likes a sense of reward and acknowledgment so it doesn't have to be a complex process. Best of luck!
Susan 13th Apr 2023 Activity Director
Hi Peter
You have a good idea, but you and Sylvia and whoever uses this idea must remember not to make the stickers childlike
Oriental trading has many little trinkets you can buy that would be good for prizes
They have in the past had many things on sale for a really good price which can be used
Sara 15th Apr 2023 Activities Assistant
We hand out poker chips. This is typically done during Bingo which is a big favorite but we do hand out some at other activities also. The residents can then turn in 4 chips for $1. Then we do not have to worry about allergies, ability to chew, etc
Peter 15th Apr 2023 Activities Coordinator
That sounds like a fun way to go Sara. And yes, stickers can be hit and miss. That said the residents could always design their own in a craft session and we can transfer their images onto sticker sheets to use.

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