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Tina 13th Apr 2023 life enrichment manager
Hello I got a new job as a life enrichment activty person.and I'm in the memory floor...what can I use to dance with like I know scarfs. Don't know how to make or if the i can..some will be mostly sitting I thought it would be good if there kinda dancing with something they would be excerciesing and any ideas of songs they like Susie Q but gotta be more...need help
Susan 13th Apr 2023 Activity Director
Hi Tina
Congratulations on your new job
Here are some ideas
Jen 18th Apr 2023 Activities, Social Day Program, Life Enrichment
Hi Tina,

YouTube has some great age appropriate music and some incorporate the words for singing along. Apple Music has "stations" that allow you to choose music from the 40's 50's and 60's. We dance with scarves, like you mentioned, but also bells (the "jingle bell" kind), we exercise to the music using pool noodles and small squishy balls, and also (if your residents are able) pass balls/balloons or balloon volley- here I pass it to them and they bop it back to me one at a time as opposed to each other. We hold hands and sway to the music often. You could also do a "chorus line" of kicking their legs/feet out depending on their range of motion.

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