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Marie 27th May 2023 Activities
ways to celebrate June 19th in a nursing home.
Joscelyn 29th May 2023 Activities Director
Juneteenth has been a back and fourth decision for me. As a white women, I don't want to ignore this holiday. Also as a white women, I don't think I should plan this without a POC. As Juneteenth is a new age holiday, and the majority of the residents in my facility are old age, it doesn't make this holiday or celebration any less important. Especially considering I am in a predominantly black city. We have chosen to do Juneteenth education and trivia, as well as celebrating with red velvet cake (I read that is a signature dessert for this holiday.)
Susan 30th May 2023 Activity Director
Hi again, Maria, you may want to ask the golden Carers Facebook group this question
Susan 2nd Jun 2023 Activity Director
Hi Joscelyn
Thank you for sharing your insight
Marie 9th Jun 2023 Activities
We are planning a watermelon social and watch the Juneteenth parade on TV.

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