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Mary 30th May 2023 Director
I am managing an adult day health center with 25 participants. They all have some level of dementia. It is a sweet community of people. I love keeping them engaged but I am challenged trying to find something new and different every day. We average 14-16 per day. How often do you repeat activities?
Susan 3rd Jun 2023 Activity Director
Hi Mary
You should see what the participants want to do
Folks with dementia, like to have similar if not the same Activities often
I think music is a great activity, because it taps into many parts of the brain
Bingo is usually a favorite
Have you tried Bunco
It is an easy game to play and requires no skill at all
It can be adapted, depending on the level of participants
If you have any questions on how to adapt the game to your group, let me know
Georgia 3rd Jun 2023 Activity Lead
I would say that it is not a bad thing to be repetitive especially when it comes to people living with dementia, activities such as music, smelling games, reminiscing, old school board games, puzzles, painting, they all make up a big portion of my week, then I try and do sessions such as dancing, parties, and other bits and bobs.
I find that the repetitive sessions are the best ones as people know what they are doing, and there are so many different ways to deliver one session, for example singing. You could have singing every single week, and you could do a different theme each week, or have different songs each week, different people being the song selecter, different movements to the dances that go along to some of the songs.

I would speak to the people/carers of the people who are visiting, ask what type of things they would like to do :)
Susan 4th Jun 2023 Activity Director
Hi, Georgia
Thank you for your input

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