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Martha Jeannette 8th Jun 2023 Lifestyle Assistant
Hello: I need help. 7th of August we are having a party celebrating the national day of age care employed. My manager wants a party: he wants the community been involved. How do I do that? Means schools? Church??? What else??? Help please
Susan 9th Jun 2023 Activity Director
Hi Martha
It’s a good thing you are planning ahead
Contacting schools and churches, is it a good idea
I assume you are going to serve food at the party and perhaps have some entertainment
Make sure to read this article, especially that section that says how to ask for help
Sunya 11th Jun 2023 Activity Director
Hi Martha. When you do a community event you will need flyers which you also can place on Facebook to reach more of the community. Mail them out to local businesses. Get them involved. Have a theme make it fun for everybody like a festival or carnival. Have your vendors to help like sponsor a game or food table. Can you get a moon walk or water slide? Balloons have them placed all around the area you will have it. Just think about what the day is about and go from there.

Susan 12th Jun 2023 Activity Director
Hi Sunya
Thank you for your input
Cecilia 6th Jul 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hi Martha,
one of the ways to get information out is to involve the relatives of your residents, let them know of your plans and give them flyers to give out. See if your area have a community calendar notice on the radio that is free and pass the word through them. But in your planning, be sure to have the activity as big as you can manage. See if your providers can assist with donating items, and all the best. Looking forward to hearing from you when this is over.
Susan 6th Jul 2023 Activity Director
Hi Cecilia
Great ideas

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