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Vanessa 14th Jun 2023 Activities Co-Ordinator
Is there a guideline CQC document explaining exactly how, and what we should be doing regarding keeping documents, taking photos, tick lists, what data and information do they need, do they want individual files for each resident, what do they want us to include? it seems to me that it is different for every home surely there's a standard guideline book we can all learn from, and if so where can I get one from?

I work in a care nursing home and we have 26 residents we are not a dementia home.

Your comments would be very useful I think we are doing ok but I want to be on full tracks and know that we have everything possible in every direction, in pace.


Nessy :)
Susan 14th Jun 2023 Activity Director
Hi Nessy
I am not from the UK, but I did find this, and perhaps you can ask the question here

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