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Pickaway Senior 15th Jun 2023 Adult Daycare Director
I found a parachute in the back of our activities closet but only know one activity to do with it that would be appropriate for seniors with dementia. I'm in an adult daycare where most of the clients are in chairs. What are some activities I can do with the parachute for about 15-20 minutes? Thanks for your input.
Susan 16th Jun 2023 Activity Director
Here is an idea, shared by Elaine
Elaine United States17th Sep 2020 ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR/ SPEECH PATH
For July 4th, I bought battery operated lights that look like capsules and are put into the balloons before blowing them up. ( Party City) Then after dinner and a parade around the facility with patriotic music from my I- pad, we made our own fireworks. We placed the balloons on a large parachute and then turned out the lights in our immediate area.
Flying up into the air with the lights inside the balloons
Here is a link to more ideas
Cindy 16th Jun 2023 Health Aide
We have a pretty good sized parachute and we put beach balls on. Plus when the daycare children come over and visit us the participants love when the children run through
Terri 17th Jun 2023 PROGRAM MANAGER
You can put a beach ball or a balloon on it and the need to try to keep it on top. It gives them some good movement lifting their arms up and down.
Oliver 17th Jun 2023 Dementia Day Service - Team Leader
Are you able to seat them in a circle and put soft balls or balloons on the parachute and see who can get them through the hole first?
Play some fun, upbeat music and make it an exercise group at the same time.
Susan 17th Jun 2023 Activity Director
Thank you, Oliver, Terri and Cindy for your input
You have shared valuable information
Geraldine 19th Jun 2023 Activities Coordinator
I have played music and had sensory beach balls on the parachute. The residents love it and the quietest and least able of residents love it.

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