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Beth 28th Jul 2023 AD
I so activities in several adult family homes. One home has a deaf resident with dementia. I do not know sign language. I am looking for ideas of activities to do with her.
Susan 29th Jul 2023 Activity Director
Hi Beth
Are you looking for ideas to do one on one or do you want to include her in a group?
Here are some ideas
Use cue cards
Use some techniques that you use with those who have aphasia
Pam 1st Aug 2023 Managing Director
Maybe you could try a tasting session - make use of other senses - try the biscuit quiz with samples of them - they can bring back great memories for people!
Susan 1st Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi Pam
Thank you for your suggestion
Susan 1st Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi Beth
Pam made me think of other sensory things you could do

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