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Shallyn 10th Aug 2023 Director Of Recreation
Any tips/tricks/advice for increasing participation in Resident Council meetings? Our building can hold 114 (Mix between SNF/LTC) and we typically stay around 105-110. We generally have 8-10 residents attend the RC meeting. I've tried to convince other residents to attend and they refuse or they're unable to come to the meetings (schedule conflict with appointments, medical reasons, personal reasons, or IP reasons.) For those that are unable to attend, do you give them an individual paper to write concerns and discuss them in the RC meetings, or how do you go about that? Since it's typically the same residents attending, I feel like we're talking about the same things over and over.
Susan 11th Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi Xiallyn
I always had the resident council meeting after another activity, such as bingo
Many high functioning residence go to bingo and shorten the bingo and then go right into the meeting
Some one to leave, but most will stay
Another idea is to offer refreshments, but that would be a lot of work for you
Maybe there is another activity that a lot of residents attend that you could shorten a bit and then have a resident council meeting
Here are some articles on golden carers
Helen 12th Aug 2023 Social Manager
Offer decadent dessert !
Susan 12th Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi Helen
Thank you for your input
Tara 25th Aug 2023 Life Enrichment Manager
We offer popcorn from our vintage popcorn machine! In the summer, we might offer an ice cream sandwich as well. Having the meeting after an existing program works well for some residents they end up just staying once seeing everyone arriving, etc.

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