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Diane 29th Aug 2023 Recreation Director
Hi Everyone: Looking for some simple non-cooking ideas. We have a skillet and and a electirc grill. We have made grill cheese, pancakes, walffers, donuts etc. Looking for new things to cook? We use our dayrooms for this activity so we are limited in space for anything bigger.

Thank you

Dee (Diane)
Susan 30th Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi Dee
I had less than you
I like to make dips
I made pudding
One of my favorite was to use yogurt and sugar-free Jell-O and some fruit, and made various concoctions of things
If you are interested in some of these, let me know
Also, golden carers has some great cooking ideas
Denise 8th Sep 2023 RN/MDS Coordinator
I think no-bake cookies would be another good easy baking-but-not-baking thing to make. They can be made with varying ingredients to be sugar-free, dairy-free or gluten-free to fit all diets. And they are nutritious, and can be easily fortified with protein powder to be extra-nutritious for the ones that need that as well.
Kate 11th Sep 2023 Well-being Coordinator
We are making pancakes tommorow we have an electric crepe machine which works perfectly my residents love doing this.
Amber 31st Oct 2023 Activities Director
Fruit pizza is wonderful as well. Base is a large flat sugar cookie for each resident. Then each resident spreads softened cream cheese, a layer of apricot jam, then their "pizza toppings" - thinly sliced fruit such as strawberries, kiwi, banana and blue berries. Very pretty and very tasty. I pre-cut all of the fruit ahead of time and offer coffee or tea while the residents enjoy eating their creations.
Susan 9th Nov 2023 Activity Director
Great ideas ladies thank you for sharing
Felecia 12th Dec 2023
Roll up filled bites with tortillas, bread slices flattened with rolling pin, long precut cucumber slices, your choice of filling, sliced in small sections.
Cake balls, chocolate dipped anything with sprinkles, decorate cupcakes or doughnuts sliced in half horizontal.
Look for Easy kids recipes, fruit and dips, rolled no bake snack balls like key lime or peanut butter made with crushed wafers, grahams or cookie.

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