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Leticia 13th Oct 2023 Activity Director
Hi my name is Leticia I need help in finding something that a resident has BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS she has dementia she has a busy box i gave her socks so she could sort and fold what else can i give her or do with her she loves coloring, and Knitting walking I also take her outside for a walk but i need more ideas i could give her so she could be busy.
Susan 14th Oct 2023 Activity Director
Hi Leticia
Read this article aspects of the end, and there are many suggestions in this article for Activities
Crissy 27th Oct 2023
HI. Leticia!
Is there someway you could be more specific using her history? For instance, we have a doctor in our memory unit. We made him his own binder for charting and he "does rounds" with our nurse every day. If she was a teacher, maybe she could grade papers or prepare packets for her students? If she was a mom, maybe you could set up a nursery where she could "babysit"? Just a thought!

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