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Angelina 24th Nov 2023 Activities Coordinator
I'd like to find out whether there is anyone working in this space that is from Retirement Living or Independent Living, as opposed to Aged Care? If so, I'd love to connect! Essentially, I am seeking to connect with peers who may be working in a similar space. What that looks like for me is that we have no care staff at our facilities, we don't provide meals, domestic assistance or nursing. For the most part, our residents only have a manager and may even have no staff actually based at their village. That being said, the age range, interests and even physical capabilities of our residents do not differ. Responding to that, (and with a village management background) I am here to provide an activities and wellness program for all. My goal is to plan & facilitate recreational programs and group activities that promote social connection, health & well-being. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I would absolutely love to connect!

Diane 24th Nov 2023 Lifestyle & Wellbeing Coordinator
Hi I work in Retirement Living so would be keen for ideas for independent people.
Susan 25th Nov 2023 Activity Director
Hi Angelina
I think the first thing you need to do is to have a meeting with the residents to see what their interests are
Design activities that include their interests
Here are some ideas
Also, once you find out what their interests are, look that up on this website
Activities that involve food are always a big hit
When do you have specific activities in mind? I’d be glad to help you further.
Angelina 20th Dec 2023 Activities Coordinator
Hi Diane, great to hear from you! My program doesn't launch until next year. I'm finding a lot of resources out there but unfortunately not so many with Australian seniors content. Next year my activities calendar has the Australian Open and we'll do footy fever for the grand finals in September. Do you deliver all of the activities yourself or do you also collaborate with village managers?
Angelina 20th Dec 2023 Activities Coordinator
Hi Susan, thanks for your reply. I'm working with a large, geographically spaced network or communities (air travel would be required for me to meet with all residents). Independent living communities can also be without onsite staff and managed remotely. I'm obtaining feedback & resident input in this kind of setting and will implement reporting measures. Essentially, I'll need to find activities that are suitable/accessible to a range of age groups, being that our residents are entirely independent and aged 65+.
Amber 23rd Dec 2023 Home Supervisor
Hello- some of the activities my independent residents loved the most is live music with cocktail /mocktail hours, muffins and mimosas in the mornings, exercise classes- sometimes actual physical therapists conducted these activities (yoga was a hit especially with aromatherapy going), mens activities- (pool and chips was a huge hit), cooking/baking classes, if you have shuttle services my residents loved going out to eat bi-weekly in a "lunch bunch" club, painting classes- i networked with a local lady who would host wine and paint parties who agreed to teach monthly classes for the residents- this was definitely a favorite :)

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