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Michelle 21st Nov 2013 Recreation Activities Officer
Just starting in a brand new nursing home and was wondering if anyone has ideas for song books. To buy or make our own???
Katja 23rd Nov 2013 Recreation Activiites Officer
HI Michelle, I run a sing-a-long group every Wednesday morning for an hour and use a variety of music instruments. If you like I can email you all my songs so you can just print them off and you can pick which ones you like. As I have Dutch residents in my group we also do Dutch songs. I have about 15 English songs....let me know okay? I must say the singing definitely gives a good workout!!!! Love this session very much...
Katja 23rd Nov 2013 Recreation Activiites Officer
I also use those folders with plastic sleeves so I can chop and change them when needed
Debbie 9th Mar 2018 Disabled
My mom is a resident of a nursing home and doesn't like to go to activities. I need some activities I can do to help build up her arm use ( she is total lift, doesn't walk an doesn't do bingo.please any suggestions
Solange 21st Mar 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Debbie, you are a wonderful daughter, your mother must be very proud of you. You could try to make your mother’s life more interesting and meaningful by offering radio plays, or music of her choice to listen to​. You may also introduce her to painting to improve arm movement, or wheel her daily on a stroll around the facility (if you can’t do it daily, seek a volunteer to help you), preferably in the garden so she can appreciate the noises of nature and watch birds and/or butterflies. Shoulder or hand massage is nice to relax, soothe, and nurture.​ ​ I wish you and your mother well.

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