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Erica 16th Jan 2024 Program Coordinator
Hello All,
I am a 20 yr plus veteran of working in the eldercare arena . I have been an activities coordinator for folks with dementia for the past 8 yrs. I have a masters degree in social work and lots of certifications in various activity modalities. In spite of all of this I am in need of some ideas on how entertain folks for approximately a half hour every afternoon. From 1pm to 1:30pm I need to keep our folks safe an entertained for about 30 minutes while staff cleans up from lunch and sets up for our afternoon activities. Half of the staff is also at lunch during this time so I take the whole population(approx. 45-50 clients with me in to our living room) I am super confident talking in front of the group and coming up with word games, etc. However as of late I have been hearing a fair amount of grumbles and digs from a few participants who think my games are silly or "dumb". I think the reaction is often due to their inability to answer question or participate. I work hard to make the games appropriate for all levels and I am super enthusiastic while hosting. I pride myself on giving it my all, but lately the negative comments have been hard. -Thank You in Advance, Erica
Susan 16th Jan 2024 Activity Director
Wow, Erica
I am not sure how many staff members you have to help you
Perhaps you can split the group up
Hi, I like to read stories like chicken soup for the soul and make them interactive so you get audience participation
Another thing I like to do is team trivia
Split the group into teams depending on staffing and have a friendly competition by asking each team a trivia question but each team member can only answer. Once now a team member could help another team member with the answer
Let me know how that goes
Other ideas could be playing bunco.
Or other dice games
If you play games of chance with no skill needed, then I’m not sure how people could complain
Let me know if you need more ideas

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