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Iris 14th Mar 2024 Valeo Coordinator for Memory Care
Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can assist me with this question. I love the calendar and plan to use it with my daily activities. M y question is yes I'm able to print weekly, but I work in memory care as their Valeo Coordinator and need to post the daily activities that is on the calendar for that day, is here any way we can print daily so I post it every morning for the day?
Susan 14th Mar 2024 Activity Director
Hi Iris
Help is on the way
I forwarded your request to our expert
Maurice 15th Mar 2024
Hi Iris!

We don't have a daily print option yet. But, you can download the Weekly Calendar as a Word Doc, maybe bump the font size up, and then delete the columns you don't want.

So in 20-30 seconds you can have a daily calendar based on the weekly one.

I hope that helps! :)
Iris 16th Mar 2024 Valeo Coordinator for Memory Care
Thanks Susan!!

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